Saturday, 28 February 2015

GW/SW-001 and 005 with MW0IML/p

GW/SW-001 Pen y Fan


I’d been saving most of these summits until Barry came up but the two today would be the ‘icing on the cake’ with 20 points up for grabs. Weather forecast was for high winds and hill fog. As Barry was ‘on holiday’ I let him have the run of 40m on the summits and I would  use 2m and 60m – method in my madness . ....less work for me :)  Anyway, we made our way up from Storey Arms via SN004215 to Corn Du agreeing to return via the Beacons Way as a round trip. It was windy and my pole broke almost immediately so 2m was the order of the day.  34 contacts in total with 1 s2s with Franz ON9CBQ/p on ON/ON-006 La Croix Scaille – thanks Franz. 

Corn Du in the mist

GW4VPX/p and MW0IML/p... SW-001

 Wet and windy Pen y Fan

 GW/SW-005 Fan Fawr

Tea and burger opposite Storey Arms was the order of the day before tackling Fan Fawr. Conditions were not much better so I opted just for 2m and it was nice to hear Steve MW0BBU calling in – one of 6 contacts for me. No s2s for me but Barry managed one with Paul G6GGP/p  on G/WB-013 Garway Hill. 38 contacts between the two of us and we were both glad to get down off this one. 

  Heading for Fan Fawr - invisible in the mist

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