Friday, 23 October 2015

Rhos Ymryson GW/MW-035

Surprise visit

Rhos Ymryson GW/MW-035


Had to go to the dentist on Monday for a check up and was a little disappointed when John MW0XOT alerted that he was activating some of the SOTA summits that are near to my home on the very same day. It was inevitable that I would miss him on Hafod Ithel GW/MW-029 but if everything went to plan I would get him on Rhos Ymryson....I had a plan. I had calculated that John would take 'x' amount of time to get to the summit and by the time he set up I would be on my way home and be able to chase him whilst mobile. It worked out better than that as no spot had come up and 2m was quiet I decided that I was going to visit him on summit.....

  John MW0XOT/p on Rhos Ymryson
It was a very surprised John as I strode towards him as he operated his this was our first 'face to face' meeting we had a long chat although both aware that he had another two summits left to activate
 John MW0XOT/p and Allan GW4VPX
 Nice to meet you John ...looking forward to the next time :)

73 Allan GW4VPX

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