Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Blogger issue

Hi everyone

This afternoon Blogger decided to misbehave all on it's own. Apart from my last posting as far as I can see all my pictures have a No Entry signs on them and not available for viewing. As I have multiple backups I can get things back to where they were but it will take time. I'm awaiting a response from an incident report form that I sent but don't hold out too much hope for an answer. This has happend to at least 4 others around the same time that I noticed the problem according to their postings...we'll see....

73 Allan GW4VPX


  1. It's probably because of the problem highlighted here -

  2. Thanks for the comments and link Dave..I now think my problem was caused by me in a very indirect way when trying to get a Geocaching app on to the XYL's mobile that's worth a blog posting but not before I start to repair the damage over the next few days. 73 Allan