Sunday, 17 May 2015

No Radio today!

No Radio today!


With the planned activations of some unique SOTA summits for me now getting closer and a reasonably fine day forecast by the weatherman I decided on a 5 mile circular ‘keep fit’ route in the Brecon Beacons for myself,  XYL Val, Len and Gwyneth.   
GPS track of our journey
This would be a ‘skyline walk’ taking in some nice views of Pen y Fan, Corn Du, Cribyn and Fan y Bîg and overlooking the River Caerfanell including the Memorial  to the 5 crew members of Wellington bomber 1465 which crashed on the 16th July 1942. Now the walk would take us very close to SOTA summit GW/SW-004 Waun Rydd but I had already activated this summit for winter bonus so the decision was made to travel light and leave the radio gear at home...sorry :)

High above our start point
We parked the car in the busy car park at SO056175 and then headed NNW up the rather stiff climb alongside the waterfalls  towards Craig y Fan Ddu, along the Beacons Way to the top of Blaen Caerfanell waterfall  then NNE along Craig Fan Las to the parting of the ways just below Waun Rydd.  

 Heading along Craig Fan Las with Craig y Fan Ddu in the distance (armed forces in hot pursuit)
At SO057206 you have a wonderful view of Pen y Fan and associated high points. This is also the point where you either strike out for Waun Rydd for a SOTA activation, head SE toward the Memorial or head off on one of the many routes to Pen y fan
Yet another selfie :)
Pen y Fan et all...
Looking down on the wreckage and Memorial from Cwar y Gigfarn
After a few minutes of reflection at the Memorial we headed NE up a stiff but short climb on to Gwar y Gigfran where we had a spectcular view directly across the valley of the first half of our journey
 Part of our 'skyline' walk taken from Cwar y Gigfran
On our way down!
We then headed SSE towards the cairn at Gwalciau’r Cwm and the very steep descent SSW  back towards the corner of the forestry and by now the wide Caerfanell river which includes many picturesque waterfalls, a bridge and a path to take you back to the car park. 
Our 'skyline' walk from just above the Caerfanell river.
The final waterfall by the bridge
Thanks to Len for sharing the photographic duties again today. Back on a SOTA summit next so looking forward to a few QSOs :)

73 Allan GW4VPX

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